Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long time, no blog!!

Just wanted to let you know we are still alive even though I haven't updated the blog in a month! We are doing well...just staying busy and tired. This is a busy time of year for us: Anniversary, Mom's B'day, Valentine's Day, Grayson's B'day, Dad's B'day, Frank's B'Day, and Caden's B'day! Thank goodness my birthday is all the way in July...I'd hate for it to get lost in the shuffle (as the only girl in the house, I feel that I should get at least one day a year to be special!!).
I don't have any new pics of the boys on this memory card, but I'll try and put some up soon. This pic of the shoes is to show you one of my favorite "little things" about being a mom. Nothing makes me smile faster than seeing these sweet little shoes on the floor around the house. It makes me think of the precious little feet that go in them and all the running that they have done or will do.
Now for some updates. Caden makes me laugh more and more every day. The other day, I was bathing the boys when Caden started pouring some on the bath water on the edge of the tub. Some of it was pouring onto the floor, so I pushed his hand more toward the inside of the tub. Frank happened to be walking by, and Caden said, "Daddy!! Mommy pushed me!!" Priceless! We are also in the process of potty training. He's doing really well. He goes on the potty almost all day. His teacher thinks he'll be ready to go strictly to underwear by Spring Break. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE her!!!!
Grayson is getting more and more mobile every day. He can crawl anywhere he wants as quickly as he wants. He pulls up on everything, and he will even stand unassissted for short periods of time. He has 3/almost 4 teeth all on the bottom, but that's not slowing him down from eating ANYTHING that we put in front of him. He made me believe that kids are just born picky or not. Caden is super picky, but we did the exact same things with Grayson, and he'll eat absolutely anything. One of my favorite things that Grayson is doing now is just how excited he is to see me anytime I walk into a room...he literally trembles with excitement. He knows how to make his mama feel good!!
Caden goes to the cardiologist this Thursday for his annual check up. This is the first time that we have gone an entire year between visits, and I'll be glad when it's all over. I really kinda forget he has anything wrong with him, but as the visit draws near, it's always in the back of my mind. We're praying for a good report, and that we won't need surgery any time soon...this is one thing we are more than happy to be very patient for!!