Sunday, January 28, 2007

Then and now...

With Frank away at a Disciple Now weekend, Caden and I have been having a pretty laid back time. When Caden woke up at 7:30 this morning, I was so sleepy and did not want to get up! But when I walked through his door and saw that sweet face light up, it was all worth it. It makes me think...if I delight in seeing Caden enjoy being with me, how much more does our Heavenly Father delight seeing us desire to be with Him?? God is so good!
For those of you who haven't heard, our child is apparently a vampire. He currently has 3 teeth with one more very close to popping through. He has his 2 center teeth on the bottom, and then he has his right "i" tooth on the top, and the left "i" tooth is getting ready to make its appearance! I would take a picture and show you, but Caden DOES NOT show his teeth for any reason whatsoever. You'll just have to take my word on this one.
As Caden's birthday approaches, I have become obsessed with "Then and Now" photos of him. We are getting ready to put Caden's swing away in the attic, so I put him in it for one last swing a couple of nights ago. Check out the difference:
Here he is at a couple of weeks old:

And a couple of days ago:

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dinner with Honey and Papa...

My parents came over for dinner tonight. Well, actually they brought dinner, I just provided the salad! Caden had a good time playing with Honey and Papa. None of us can believe just how big he is getting! It's hard to imagine that he will be one in just over a month, but it is also so exciting and fun to see all of the different stages that he is going through.
Here's Caden with Papa back in March

Here's Caden with Papa tonight...what a big boy!!!
Cheerios make me VERY happy!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Play Room...

Tonight as Caden was playing in his playroom, I was trying to get things picked up. He thought that this was a great game! As I would put something away, he would come right behind me and get it back out to play with. The rings that he is playing with in the first picture had already been put away 3 times! It was really quite funny!!

This is one of Caden's favorite toys...the Leap Frog Learning Playground.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

We saw our Pediatric Cardiologist today...

Here is Ms. Shan and Caden waiting for the echo...she went with us because Frank had class.
We went down to Brookhaven today to see Dr. Braden who is our Ped. Card. He is absolutely the best. We are so blessed to have been put into contact with Dr. B, and I hope that one day we can be a blessing to him in some way. Anyway, good news! No changes since our last visit 3 months ago...WOO-HOO!! We also don't have to go back for 6 months...this is unheard of for us (we're used to going every month). We're pumped! For my medical friends out there, Caden's Aortic Stenosis is still very much in the mild category since his baloon dilitation in August (max stress gradient 22; mean sg 11) and his Aortic Regurgitation (leakage) is still classified as moderate. Dr. B said that the thing that we will be watching now is the leakage. So, the visit went very well. Caden did not like holding still for the 30 minuts of the echo, but he made it. Then, when we were getting ready to leave, I realized that I had locked the only set of keys in the van! So, if you ever get locked out of your vehicle in Brookhaven, let me know because I've got a great locksmith down there!

I'm going to take the camera if you don't stop with the pictures!
"No, I'm not looking for day old cheerios!"

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tonight Caden and I went up to church to help clean up and decorate my (Em's) new Sunday School room. In our Sunday School, we get together quite often, and we all bring the it is quite fun! Caden got to do his first handprints tonight on the wall in the SS room. I know, I'm a horrible mother...he's 10 months old and has never done hand prints! I also forgot to take a picture of them, but I'll take one Sunday and post it then. I'm also getting PUMPED about Caden's first birthday party. I'm definitely going to go WAY overboard, but it is so much fun!!!!
Here's Caden with his friend the SS room.

To those of you who don't have kids yet...don't buy the expensive toys. A bag of Cheetos works just fine!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Aunt Kel Came Over Tonight...

My husband is a good man...he is at the park with the youth until 6 in the morning!!! Since Frank is at the Lock-in with the youth (I don't envy him, by the way!), my friend Kelli (aka: Aunt Kel) came over for a visit and to watch Desperate Housewives and Bothers and Sisters. Caden gets excited to see Aunt Kel, because he knows that it will be lots of fun!!!
Bath Time!!

Aunt Kel can't believe that we actually have an Elvis Rubber Duckie!
Here he is reading again...if you'll notice the books are ALWAYS upside down.
Rub-a-dub Dub!
You're getting sleepy...

Friday, January 12, 2007

My Little Red Wagon...

Needless to say, little red wagons have come a long way since I have seen one last. They now come with seats, seatbelts, and cupholders! And, of course, Caden got one for Christmas. Frank put it together this afternoon, so we took a stroll around the block. It was great fun!!!
Here I am riding around the block...
Mommy was so sweet to pull my wagon!
Then we saw my friend Savanna (she was born 4 days after me...we're good friends).
Here we are riding with Daddy...
On the way home, I got a little bored, so I started reading my book.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Rubber Duckie, You're the One!

I never thought that taking a bath in the regular tub (not the baby one) would be such a wonderful milestone. Caden loves playing in the tub, so our recent move from baby tub to big tub has been quite an adventure. I think it has been a success as he has only gone totally under once or twice! I have also noticed recently that he is a total "ham" in front of the camera. He can be totally fussy, but as soon as the camera comes out, he is all smiles. It's really pretty funny!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Welcome to the world of blogging...

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker
Well...I guess I've done it...I've given in to blogging! I actually feel like I have now officially stepped into the 21st century. Now we'll see if I can keep it updated regularly! Caden is spending the night with Honey and Papa (my parents) tonight, so I took this opportunity to get things rolling. I can't believe how much Caden has changed over just the past month...crawling, pulling up, 2 teeth, a haircut! Here are some pics of my sweet one...

In a cabinet:
In my new Playroom (formerly known as the dining room):

How Could you ever say no to this face???