Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We had a great Christmas!

We had a truly wonderful Christmas full of friends and family.  The boys are at such fun ages.  This was really the first Christmas that Caden really understood what was going on...it was one laugh after another!  You can be getting excited about having video added to the blog soon because Frank gave me a video camera!  I'm just working on editing the video into smaller "blog friendly" chunks.  I know that none of you want to watch all of our video...just the highlights!  In this next pic, you can't really see anything exciting, I just thought you would enjoy seeing Caden's rockin' bedhead.
My parents gave the boys a "roller coaster" for Christmas.  Mom actually got it a while ago, but we just got it out at her house on Christmas eve.  Caden LOVED it.  It's just a simple little car that rides down a little ramp.  If Caden rode it once, he rode it a hundred times.  We're going to be putting it in our backyard...I have a feeling that my boys will be spending LOTS of time outside.
Pushing the car up the hill:
Uncle Paul is going to help Graybaby race Caden:
Tonight while we were eating dinner, Caden spotted some powdered doughnuts that someone gave Frank as part of a Christmas gift...is this pic incriminating or what?!

Monday, December 29, 2008

A day with friends...

A couple of weeks ago, we brought some friends home from school with us.  These sweet cute girls' parents had a Christmas party to attend, so we were more than happy to have some playmates come to our house for the afternoon.  Caden especially enjoyed it because the older sister is on of his favorite friends at school.  I always laugh because Caden will do whatever she tells him to do...I guess he's just starting early at doing whatever girls tell him to!
Here's baby sister...she's an absolute doll!!!  It was certainly fun to have some "pink" in the house (even if it was just temporary!).  
And, of course, Grayson was sure to be in his chair promptly for dinner time!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby in a bag...

Kel came over one night last week and brought presents by for the boys.  It was the start of their Christmas "present fest".  They love when "Tellie" comes over to play...she is super fun for them!  Grayson had an especially good time because he was quite taken with the bag that Kel brought the gifts over in.  So we fulfilled his wishes and put him in the bag.  He had a ball!!!  Be on the lookout for more Christmas posts to come!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bad Blogger!!!

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I've posted!!! I know I'm a HORRIBLE blogger! I hope that you will forgive me. Maybe you'll accept this cute pic of the boys as my penance?? Things have just been CRAZY busy around here...school, sicknesses, part time jobs...you name it, we've done it! Tonight I attempted our Christmas cards. We shall see how they turned out when I go to pick them up tomorrow. Caden was looking at me like I was nuts when I started dressing them up after dinner...that's usually when we put on jammies!
The boys are just growing up too fast, and that's all there is to it. Caden says something new everyday...he's so funny. Today, instead of napping at school, he would yell his teachers name (first and last no less!) and then say, "I NEED SOME BANANAAAAAAAAAS!!!!" That boy ain't right, but we love him anyway. He's gonna be a MESS!! He's definitely "all boy," and that's what all of his teachers (school, sunday school, mmo) tell me...too bad, I'm a teacher, and I know what that's code for! I'll just have to be sure to get them all very nice gifts...love covers a multitude of sins!
Grayson is steadily crawling...too bad it's backwards! Caden did the same thing, so we're thinking Grayson is going to figure out how to "put it in drive" any day now. He cut his first tooth last week, and he is babbling up a storm. We went for his 9 month appt a couple of weeks ago, and he failed his iron test miserably. When we went back for a retest a week later, it was fine, so now he's off formula and onto whole milk. We now easily go through 2 gallons of milk a week at our house. What am I going to do when they are teenagers??? We are also transitioning Graybaby to table food. Bless his heart, he LOVES food!! He literally trembles when you come near him with something that he things he's going to get to eat. Hey, what can I say, the kid loves life, and he's livin' it up!!
Ok...I've really got to go clean the kitchen. I'm going to try my hand at being a mother of 4 tomorrow. We're bringing 2 girls (4 yr old and a 9 week old) home from school so their mommy can get out a bit. Caden's going to LOVE it, but I'm not sure how Grayson is going to feel about his competition in the nursery coming home with us. It should be fun!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

Since we didn't put up a tree at all last year, I figured we would make up for it by putting the tree up early this year! (Excuse the white balance on these first pics...I didn't take them.) Here's the tree in process:
Bottoms Up!!!
Frank was TRILLED that we found a spot for the tree this year that didn't involve moving the recliner out of the den. Don't tell Frank, but I'm equally excited about that as I sit in said recliner as I type this post.

Caden helped my put the bulbs on the top section of the tree. Because it's a pre-lit tree and it has the "big" bulbs, the bulbs must be taken out of the sockets (?) for storage. It didn't really take as long as I remembered to put them in...good deal!! I store all of the bulbs in a box, and Caden brought it to me saying, "Look Mommy, it's Christmas...a whole box of it!"

I like how it feels on my toes!
When Caden got up from his nap, we were all finished with the tree. He was delighted! He kept saying "Christmas, Mommy, Christmas!"


No Flash: Ahh, how I love Christmas!!
And, for your viewing pleasure. Here's proof of why exersaucers have a weight/age limit. Notice that Caden's legs are completely folded up under him. NEVERMIND that he has a 0-3 month paci in his mouth...don't judge me! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My first Sippy Cup...

Grayson has been totally "in" to solid foods lately...his attitude toward the bottle is now "take it or leave it!" I decided that it might be time to introduce the sippy. He liked it as a chew toy. I'm not completely convince that he actually got any juice out of it.
He was distracted by something beautiful. Something that is delightful and trying to steal his attentions away from his new cup...
Something is calling his name...he's not gonna stand for this much longer...
Here's what he wants:
Oatmeal cereal and green peas...NASTY!
He LOVES it!
Now on a different note. I'm afraid the stomach bug (or some other not nice thing) has descended upon the Porterhouse. Caden has had fever since Sunday morning, so he stayed home on Monday. When Grayson and I got home from school, Grayson (NOT Caden!) started throwing up. Caden didn't want to be shown up, so at 4:45 this morning, he joined in the fun. Now Grayson is fine, but Caden just can't seem to shake it. Their sweet daddy is staying home with them again tomorrow. I'm SO blessed to have a husband who is willing to take care of vomiting boys.
Oh...and there's new stuff over at Apple of My Eye if you're interested.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Headquarters...

Here's your place for live election results as the come!!!
I am an election NUT!! I love to see the results roll in...maps, predictions, pie charts. It's thrilling!! Even if your candidate doesn't win, you just have to love a good old fashioned American Presidential Election!
More importantly, I know that regardless of the results, that God has a plan for America, and He can (and will) use whomever is elected in powerful ways!

Monday, November 3, 2008

More Swimming...

Since Grayson totally doesn't understand the time change, Caden and I have had more time to play together in the evenings just the 2 of us. Tonight, he wanted to "wash hands." This means he wanted to play with the water in the sink. I figured, let's just strip down and make bath night out of it. He had a ball!!!

He could sit and fill this cup and dump it out for HOURS...

Pretty sure his hand is on his hip for this one...

Fill the cup...

Cheesy grin...

Dump it out...

LOVE this kid!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Well, I would be a horrible blogger if I didn't bring you some pictures of my little Halloween babies, so here they are! We didn't really "Trick or Treat," but we did go to the Fall Fest at church, and we went to a couple of VIP houses on Halloween night.
In case you can't figure it out, Caden was Mickey and Grayson was a bumble bee.
Can you tell where my boys get the blue eyes???
Here's one of Caden enjoying the HUGE slide at Fall Fest. This little boy is fearless! He wasn't interested in the jumpy for kiddos his age, he wanted to hang with the big kids!
Here's the only attempt of a photo of the boys together at Fall Fest.
Cutest bumble bee I've ever seen!
And Mickey...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back in the Land of the Living...

We just wanted everyone to know that we are finally feeling better!!! We had some fun playing together tonight in the playroom.
Last week I missed the entire week of school to be home with the boys. Grayson was in the hospital for 2 days because his RSV turned into a bit of pneumonia. He also had a double ear infection...not to mention teething! Poor baby!!
Sweet Caden...he is so funny! We always tell him that he's a funny boy, so now he tells everyone that. He'll say, "Mommy, you such a funny boy!"
Oh how we love Aunt Kel...she brought over Dilly Bars!! Caden thought that was QUITE fun and yummy!
Very glad we stripped before he ate this!
Grayson loves Aunt Kel, too!
She's so funny!
Speaking of Kel...Here's a pic of us at the end of her bachelorette party night.

Here's me...I think I'm getting to old for this...fuddy duddy!

And I'll leave you with this cute thumb sucking pic...