Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fire Academy field trip...

We took the 5th grade to the MS Fire Academy for our field trip this year. It was SO much fun. The kids absolutely loved it! We got to watch the folks at fire academy get drilled on getting all of their gear on in 2 minutes. Poor guys, they had only been there for 2 days, and already they have kids watching them train! There was also a SWAT team there training in repelling.

They, of course, were setting some pretty HUGE fires to put out.

This was at the simulated plane crash area.

It was so cool to watch!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Traditions...

This year, the church asked that families come the day before Easter to put flowers on the cross. We thought this would be a great tradition to start with our boys. We were just going to leave the flowers there for some of the women there to place as they pleased, but Caden wanted to put one on the cross. I'm glad he did...what a precious picture!!!!! I pray that one day very soon that our boys will begin to understand the importance of Easter.

As you can tell, Caden was absolutely THRILLED to be in the car! We headed up to Columbus on Easter Monday to visit with family and friends. It was a great trip, but we were EXHAUSTED when we got back. I must say, though, it was totally worth it!

Grayson didn't make it all the way to Columbus without a nap. Of course, he didn't fall asleep until we were past Starkville. oh well!

Caden's ready for the trip home with his tee ball glove on his hand. Be looking forward to tee ball pics coming soon!!! We start practice in a couple of should be a HOOT!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunting with Friends...

We have some of the sweetest friends at church. We do supper clubs, bunko, you name it, we do it! We are so blessed. One of the couples that we are friends with also have 2 little boys. There boys are 2 months older than our boys, so we have lots of fun with them. They invited us over for an Easter Egg hunt at their house.

Hey Jim, where are you going???

Wait, buddy, I'm coming, too!

Busy boys!!

Grayson is the ultimate "egg-napper!"

Sweet, Jim...

Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere...

He's getting the hang of this!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Pictures...

We took the boys to Portrait Innovations in Renaissance to try and get some pics in their Easter outfits. I don't know how they did it, but they managed to get some cut pics of my little Easter Bunnies!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Church Easter Egg Hunt...

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at church, and it was so much fun!!! It is always a little overwhelming, but it's totally worth it! Check out how HUGE that bunny is!! After we looked at the animals outside, we headed into the gym for snacks and crafts. My boys were WAY more interested in the snacks than the crafts!

Mommy feeding the munchkins...

My sweet OCD child carefully picking apart his snack cake. I would like to point out that he chose the white cake over the chocolate and water over fruit punch. THANK YOU, CADEN!!

Then there's this one. He's never done anything carefully in his life, and I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon!

"Hey mom, think I can fit the whole thing in there at once??"

Grayson hunted eggs first. Of course, it was more Frank picking up a couple of eggs for him.

Checking out the loot...

Then it was time for the "big kids" to hunt their eggs. Caden was totally into it!

Here's one...
Daddy was taking them a little further into the hunt area to look for more eggs.

"Hey dad, let's go over here!!"

I tried to get a pic of the boys with their baskets, and this is as good as it got! Well, I tried!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lauren's Baby Shower...

First, let me warn you...the coloring on the pics is TERRIBLE. My flash batteries died, and I didn't have any backups. OOPS! I was quite proud of my cupcakes with chocolate "F"'s for sweet baby Fiona. I'm so glad to finally have a little girl to buy for! Here is a pic of the food table. I think it turned out quite cute. I absolutely couldn't have done it with out Kel!! She's THE BEST!

More food...
We had a fun girls night out to celebrate the coming of Fiona. I can't wait to meet that sweet little girl!! I can also buy HAIRBOWS!!!!!
Sweet mama opening gifts...

Brandi didn't want me to take a picture of her gift, so I HAD to!

Sweet teacher friends...