Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Fair…

After Community Helper day, we picked up C from school and headed to the Fair.  The boys look forward to it every year.  My parents met us there for an afternoon of fun.  Paul and Anna stopped in for lunch as well.


It is so nice that the boys are both tall enough to ride most of the kiddie rides without an adult…it certainly allows us to stay at the fair longer!!  Ha!


I did end up having to ride one “roller coaster” because Grayson wanted to go while Caden was on something else with Honey and Papa…UGH!!!  Rides just aren’t as fun as they used to be…especially those which are constructed in a day or two.


It was rather sunny out, so Caden took Papa’s hat from him.  Smile

Here come Caden down the giant slide…


Thank GOODNESS my wonderful husband agreed to go down the slide with Grayson!!


We went to the petting zoo right after this, but I forgot to take pics.  Oops!

I think that this ride was the “nail in the coffin” for Grayson.  He ended up being sick that night, and I think that this ride had a LOT to do with it.  I think he takes after his daddy and Papa in that he doesn’t do too well on rides that spin in circles.  Oh well!


A final ride on the elephants, and we were done with riding.


Grayson did sweet talk his way into an airbrushed T-shirt with Thomas the train…oh yes we did!  Of course, we let Caden get one too, and he chose an Angry Birds one.  It was a day filled with lots of fun!!

Community Helper Day…

G’s preschool had a community helper day complete with a parade and visit from the Fire Department.  All of the kiddos came dressed as their favorite community helper, and they were precious!!


Then here come’s G’s little class…


We cracked up because when G saw us, he immediately started posing for the camera…


After the parade, they took a little break while we waited for the fire truck to arrive…


When the fire truck arrived, the kids got to take turns spraying the hose…



They also got to explore the fire truck…it was a fun fun morning!!!  We LOVE our preschool!!!





Sunday, September 18, 2011


After a very short career in T-Ball, we decided it was time to give Rec Sports another try.  Yesterday was Caden’s first Soccer game, and it was hilarious!!!  Our team had only had a total of 20 minutes of practice before our first game, so I think there are still some fundamentals to cover.  For example…you are actually trying to kick the ball towards the goal.  I think a good time was had by all, and that is all that matters!!


Grayson was all prepared with his chair and blanket.  It got even better when Honey showed up with doughnut holes!


Caden spent the first quarter getting “limbered up” on the side line…



Then second quarter was time for action…





An accidental slide tackle put Caden back on the sidelines for quarter 3…

Having some water with his best buddy…


Huddle time…


Back in for a moment of the 4th quarter…


And then it was over…


A great morning at the soccer fields!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Beach!!

We took our annual beach trip over Labor Day weekend…of course, we made it more of a six day event rather than a mere weekend.    There was only one small issue during our trip:  Tropical Storm Lee.  Thank goodness for indoor pools!!


The boys were able to get quite a bit of swimming in the outdoor pools as well…we would just run out when there was a break in the rain. 



The boys also discovered the Lazy River this year.  Grayson liked it a little, but Caden LOVED it!!!




See, it was a little on the WINDY side…


As I said before, we spent LOTS of time at the indoor pools.




We also wanted to get some beach shots, but it was never safe out of the beach (double red flags the whole time), so we settled for the balcony instead.


Here’s Paul and his fiancĂ©, Anna…


And our little family…


And a very typical family pic…


Of course there was a lot of hanging out in the condo as well.  Grayson decided that his pool toys could double as a resting area.


I’m sorry, but when did he turn 12???


“Hey Grayson, get in the picture with your brother.”


Not quite what I meant…oh well!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten...

I just left one VERY excited little boy at Kindergarten!! It is definitely a relief to me that he was made the morning much easier. When we walked in the room, a couple of the boys yelled out, "Hey Caden!!" I think he is going to have a wonderful time. Here he is with his precious teacher. He wouldn't look at the camera because he was to busy taking in everything else.
Right after this picture, he took off to his seat to get busy. I cannot wait to hear his report on the day this afternoon!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Swimming Lessons...

Guess what??!! I decided that it was time to blog. I know, I know...I've been a HORRENDOUS blogger, but I'll just pick up where we are. One of the boys' favorite things of the summer was swimming lessons. They both did great this year!!
Here's C striking a pose before heading off the diving board...
WEEEEE!!! Notice the perfectly tucked feet...too funny!! TOTALLY fits his little personality.
Here's C swimming the length of the pool after jumping off the diving board. He switched from back to stomach on command as he made his way across...
More swimming on the back...
And then, it was G's turn. He did MUCH better in swimming lessons this year. He was NOT a fan of getting his face wet last year, but he didn't seem to mind it too much this year.
He even went off the diving board. He's getting TOO big!!
Notice the NOT tucked feet...totally fits his personality too!
Swim, swim, swim, little fishie!!!
Here he is about to go and dive for some rings...
I may go back and add some posts from earlier in the year, but we'll see. I may just do a massive cell phone pic post!! But definitely stick around for some new posts, because a certain little someone in the Porterhouse starts Kindergarten NEXT WEEK!!! Wasn't he just born yesterday??