Friday, February 8, 2008

Sorry for the lag...

Sorry there haven't been any posts lately! I've been sick, so that has put a major slow down on things here at the Porter House. I missed work on Monday and Tuesday because I was running 102 fever. My flu test was negative (so that's good!), but whatever I have/had triggered my asthma. I sound like a 90 yr old with a major chain smoking problem!!! I finished up my antibiotics and steroids today so hopefully I'll get some sleep. Grayson and I aren't going to make it much longer on no sleep.
Yesterday was "doctor day" around here. I had my weekly check up which went relatively well. Apparently I have low iron, so I'm on iron supplements now. Grayson was looking good, and the possibility of another induction is becoming more likely since my asthma is no longer behaving. This little guy is gonna be here before we know it!! I have an ultrasound at next week's appointment, so I'll let ya know just how big this little guy is getting. At the same time I was at the doctor, Frank and my Dad had Caden at his 6 month check up with Dr. Braden (cardiologist). Everything looks changes!! Praise the Lord!!! We still have surgery somewhere down the road, but for now it isn't in the near future. The most exciting part is that we don't have to go back for a whole YEAR!!!! YIPPEE!!! God is so good to us. I cannot wait to see the things he has in store for the future of our family.

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Tom, Meg, and Katie said...

That is great news for Caden!!! I hope you get some rest this weekend!!!