Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We had a great Christmas!

We had a truly wonderful Christmas full of friends and family.  The boys are at such fun ages.  This was really the first Christmas that Caden really understood what was going on...it was one laugh after another!  You can be getting excited about having video added to the blog soon because Frank gave me a video camera!  I'm just working on editing the video into smaller "blog friendly" chunks.  I know that none of you want to watch all of our video...just the highlights!  In this next pic, you can't really see anything exciting, I just thought you would enjoy seeing Caden's rockin' bedhead.
My parents gave the boys a "roller coaster" for Christmas.  Mom actually got it a while ago, but we just got it out at her house on Christmas eve.  Caden LOVED it.  It's just a simple little car that rides down a little ramp.  If Caden rode it once, he rode it a hundred times.  We're going to be putting it in our backyard...I have a feeling that my boys will be spending LOTS of time outside.
Pushing the car up the hill:
Uncle Paul is going to help Graybaby race Caden:
Tonight while we were eating dinner, Caden spotted some powdered doughnuts that someone gave Frank as part of a Christmas gift...is this pic incriminating or what?!

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