Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aunt Pat comes to town...

Frank's aunt from SC was in Columbus for the weekend, so we made the trip up there to visit. We had such a nice time seeing everyone! You can tell in the pic above that Aunt Pat definitely has the "grandmother's touch" on babies! Bishop was asleep on her shoulder in a matter of minutes.
Here's the best pic I got of the 3 boys in their matching jammies. Actually, it's much better than what I thought I would get!

Grayson's face was priceless when Tomekia put Bishop next to him. He was looking at Bishop like, "Um, Mom, he's touching me!"

My goodness, I just can't believe how big he's getting. AND I must get my flash fixed.

Deer in headlights???

GrandPop has always wanted daughters...
We keep telling him that he got the cream of the crop!

Grayson getting in some Nick Jr. before we hit the road to head home. He was SO tired after not having a nap all day.

Remember the sprinkles from the Christmas cookies...
Caden still likes them!!

You can see in this one he's even got sprinkles in his eye lashes!!

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