Saturday, February 20, 2010


We had a WONDERFUL time in Disney!! The boys were completely mesmerized the entire time!!! The first pic is of the boys waiting for the plane at the airport. Honey thought of everything and even had the boys stuffed Mickeys for the airplane.
It is just magical to finally get to Disney and walk in to see the castle. I'm pretty sure Caden thought he had died and gone to heaven!
Caden is ready to go!! You've gotta love any place that hands out stickers and buttons as you walk in.
Gryason's a bit weary from the trip and not sure of what to think of all this!
We went for a classic first and headed to Dumbo. Caden already has the "wave" down pat! Poor Papa...he's really not for rides that go in circles.
Here we are waiting for Small was one of Caden's absolute favorites! I love the look that my Dad is giving cracks me up! PS- holding Grayson while waiting in line for a ride is very similar to wrestling a wild boar. He's cute, but lethal!
We had character meals every day. Caden was beyond thrilled when characters were walking around the restaurant. Grayson was less than impressed. He didn't mind the characters posing with Caden, but if they came to his side of the table, he LOST IT!
You can tell he's loving this!
Next was Hollywood Studios...
One of the ONLY pictures I am in from the trip. And yes, that is just the way I like it!
The lion was sneaking a pic with Grayson.
Caden does love some Little Einsteins!!
I think he's in love!
More wild boar handling...
The Beauty and the Beast musical was really good! Just short enough to keep the boys' attention pretty well.
I just love these little green army men!
I took this one b/c some people say this is what Frnak looks like now that he is clean shaven. :)
Ok...this is the BEST thing. You must go!! Every morning, Mickey arrives on the train to open Magic Kingdom. Just get there about 10-15 mins before opening to see the little show. It was adorable, and totally gets you in the magical mood!!
Super fun!!
Carousel time...
Grayson is a dare devil. This is on the tea cups. He was ALL about spinning the tea cup!
Now for Chef Mickey's breakfast. We did this breakfast at 11, so it served as our lunch. It worked out really well, and was a nice mid-day park break.
The characters just never get old!!
And finally we got to see Mickey!!
Silly Goofy!
Minnie was the first character that Grayson wasn't TERRIFIED of. I guess he knows what he likes!
He looks scared in this one, but he is totally flirting!
Minnie also insisted on having a pic with Frank.
I know this is a pic from behind, BUT doesn't he look like he's in heaven!! We were waiting for the parade in this one.
I have TONS of pics from this parade, but I just loved Mary Poppins!
Night time photo of the castle. Both of the boys absolutely LOVED the fireworks show every night.
This was our last night. We already want to go back!! Caden stayed down there 3 more days with my parents and had a blast! I have more pics on another camera that I haven't uploaded yet. Maybe one day!

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