Sunday, October 10, 2010

School Time...

The boys are going to "school" at my parent's church, and they LOVE it!! Caden goes 5 days a week, and Grayson goes 3 days a week. The times that they are at school, I am at work, so it works out very nicely. This is a picture of Caden on his first day of school.
Here are the boys coming out of school one day. I love how they get excited to see me everytime in carpool line. I'm going to cherish that because I know one day they won't be so excited about the minivan in carpool line!
Grayson had a little bit of trouble for the first couple of weeks of school. He doesn't really like new people, so he was NOT a big fan of the teachers getting them out of the car in the morning carpool line. He would just scream and cry. He told one of the teachers, "No! You stop right there!" I'm happy to report, that he is doing much better! He now happily hops out of his seat to go into school.

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