Sunday, March 25, 2007

Look what I can do...

That's right...Caden is walking! It's still in that "drunken stumble" phase, but it is SOOOO cute. And, as you see in the picture, he keeps his arms tucked up high to help him balance. Caden still had fever this morning, but he hasn't had any since his nap. If he has fever again in the morning, Frank will take him back to the doctor...our home away from home!

Don't mind the baskets of laundry!
This could become a dangerous toy...I can just see him trying to use it as a trapeze!


Jeff and Abbey Land said...

Now he's walking, the next thing you know he will be getting his driver's license! It seems like time has flown by...except for the time we have spent waiting for Reed to a)be announced and b)come home!

Lee, Shea & Luke said...

that is awesome!! I hope he is all better, i know how it is to LIVE at the doctor's office, we did that for a few months!