Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Trick and shopping with Mom...

Hey Mom, Look what Honey taught me!!Yea!! I love to play in the water!

Where does all that water go???

Thank Heavens!!! We're leaving Gail Pittman...I need a drink!
So do y'all like the trick that my mom taught Caden?? He loves's his very favorite thing to do at our house now! He makes a beeline for our bathroom whenever he gets the chance. It's really funny to watch because he is absolutely delighted each time the water comes on. Since Caden can go out in public now, we've been catching up on some shopping. Caden has enjoyed some of it, but Gail Pittman definitely is not his favorite. Frank was quite proud, however, because he really seemed to enjoy Lowe's!
I'm very sad...Spring Break is almost over! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I also love spending time at home with Caden. We've had a GREAT week together, and I hate to see it end. But it just means that summer is just around the corner!! YIPPEE!! I remember when I was in school and my teachers would always say that they were more excited about summer and breaks than we were, and I never believed I know they were speaking the truth!


abbey, your normal friend said...

I'm so glad Caden gets to go out now. That's great! And, I totally understand your feelings about school. I was the same way about my teachers when I was in school. Who knew the teachers enjoyed the break as much, or in my case, so much more than students? I'm not excited about going back either; that must be why we are both normal!

Molly said...

I can not believe house BIG he has gotten!! He is aboslutely precious! You are such a good mommy!!

Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

hey emily! i found your blog through shea's, and gathered from reading that you're a teacher. i am, too, and was bummed about having to go back this week. i can't wait for couldn't come fast enough! caden is a cutie!


Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

OH!!! and i just realized caden is apple annie's cute grandson that i've noticed when i come in the store. i shop there all the time! love it!!!!!!!!!