Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Happenings...

We're finally getting settled back into our normal routine after lots of family Christmas get togethers. It was a great Christmas, and we feel truly blessed to have such wonderful families!! The festivities began on Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house, but I forgot to take the camera inside, so the pics start later that evening. I was making the green beans to take to my mom's house on Christmas day, and I had to fry an entire package of bacon, but I HATE for my house to smell like bacon for days. I heard someone talking about having their husband fry bacon ouside...GENIUS!!! Because I have such a fabulous husband, he agreed to help me out. It worked perfectly...I had my bacon complete with drippings, AND the house didn't smell like bacon!!
Here the festivities continue at our house on Christmas morning. Here is Caden looking at what Santa brought. He still doesn't really understand what is going on, but he will.

Fun ball.

Notice the "Ooo" shape of his mouth. He made this sound all day anytime he was given a was really cute!

Playing with the giggle and go garage...

Then we continued on to my parents' house for Christmas with my family and lunch with a LOT of family. He LOVED that lawn mower.

Daddy inside Caden and Grayson's TeePee...

Caden and Daddy in the teepee...

After lunch we continued our festivities by heading up to Columbus to visit with Frank's family. Frank's dad gave his mom this little bug that crawls around on its own...Caden was absolutely fascinated!!!!

The Three we see a BIT of a resemblance????
(Frank Jr, Caden, Frank Sr)

Poor Daddy...he was worn out from all the festivities!! He wasn't ready to get up the next morning...but he did in the end!
And one final pic...this one was from tonight. We went to dinner tonight and Caden decided to feed daddy some of his ice cream. Notice he's showing Daddy how to open his mouth properly (I do the same thing when I feed Caden!).
Grayson also got a check-up today. Everything is looking good with him, and now I'm going to the doctor every 2 weeks...CRAZY!!! It seems weird that we're already to 2 week exciting! I can't wait to meet this new little one!

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