Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mom and I went to Chicago last week for a few days for a market and to celebrate my birthday. We had a blast!!! It was so nice to just have a girl trip. Before I share my RANDOM assortment of pictures, let me preface by saying that these were all taken on my phone, so please excuse the quality. Most of them were also taken on a moving bus! We love the double decker tour buses, so we rode one a couple of days that we were there. We actually got sunburned on it!!! It takes a very very pasty white folks to leave the south and get sunburned at one of the Great Lakes!!!
Now, without further ado...the pics:
This one speaks for itself...LOVE Macy's!Don't know the name of this building, but it was designed during prohibition to resemble a bottle of champagne.

The next 2 pics are just for Gale...the home of canvases.

9 Dragon Wall in China Town

Oprah's Studio

No idea what buildings these are, but it was a nice pic...

Trump Towers. This is the one that Bill from "The Apprentice" is the project manager for.

The Wrigley Building.

The theater that housed "Wicked"

This one is for Jeff and Emily
I couldn't imagine CVSing if I had to walk several blocks to the store and the haul all of my bags home on public transportation. I just don't think I'm a big city gal!

We saw 2 shows while in CTown. The first was "Jersey Boys." FANTASTIC!!! It had quite a bit of language (which I could have definitely done without), but it was outstanding. Oh, and Abbey, I saw a sign that "Buddy" is coming soon...I just laughed!!!

We also saw "Wicked." I've been wanting to see this one for a while, and I wasn't disappointed! It was phenomenal! I love going to the theater!!!

Corn Cob Towers...

Navy Pier

The Trib

The Apple Store...people were lined up around the block to get the new phone!

This was just neat. You can't tell from the pic, but the entire dress is made of snack wrappers, like Lay's, Coke, etc.

The Flamingo

I thought this was a particularly good pic of the skyline considering the bus was moving! That closest building is Soldier field and the Sears Tower (or the Hancock Building...not sure which!) in the back.

Our Hotel. The Hilton. This is where the President stays when he visits because the helipad opens directly into his suite!

Fountain...it has a name, I forgot it!

Boats in Lake Michigan

NBC studios


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

what a fun trip! i wish i had gone. we should go back and see buddy, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

too fun!! great pics for your phone!! sounds like ya'll had sooo much fun! those girl trips are THE BEST!!! love you, brandi

Tate Family said...

Thanks for the pic! Ironic that I was on vacation as you typed this with not a one CVS in sight. *sigh* ;)