Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

Since we didn't put up a tree at all last year, I figured we would make up for it by putting the tree up early this year! (Excuse the white balance on these first pics...I didn't take them.) Here's the tree in process:
Bottoms Up!!!
Frank was TRILLED that we found a spot for the tree this year that didn't involve moving the recliner out of the den. Don't tell Frank, but I'm equally excited about that as I sit in said recliner as I type this post.

Caden helped my put the bulbs on the top section of the tree. Because it's a pre-lit tree and it has the "big" bulbs, the bulbs must be taken out of the sockets (?) for storage. It didn't really take as long as I remembered to put them in...good deal!! I store all of the bulbs in a box, and Caden brought it to me saying, "Look Mommy, it's Christmas...a whole box of it!"

I like how it feels on my toes!
When Caden got up from his nap, we were all finished with the tree. He was delighted! He kept saying "Christmas, Mommy, Christmas!"


No Flash: Ahh, how I love Christmas!!
And, for your viewing pleasure. Here's proof of why exersaucers have a weight/age limit. Notice that Caden's legs are completely folded up under him. NEVERMIND that he has a 0-3 month paci in his mouth...don't judge me! :)

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Emily said...

LOVE the tree! can't wait to get mine up!