Sunday, February 8, 2009

Too random to title...(and a NOT ME!)

First let me apologize for the RANDOMNESS that this post will bring...I thing the 5th graders are rubbing off on me! Here's my sweet little chunky monkey. Believe it or not, he's actually 5 pounds lighter than Caden was when he turned 1, and I doubt he'll be gaining 5 pounds in the next 2 weeks to catch up. Those blue eyes and gorgeous smile melt my heart every time!! Check out these thighs:
Deep in thought...he must take everything apart. I really think that he is constantly looking for things to destroy. ALL BOY!
Speaking of boys who melt my heart...
My sweet first born...he still loves to snuggle with mama, and I could let him do it all day!! Grayson isn't a snuggler at all, so I cherish my snuggle time with Caden. Here he is showing me how he "fixed" his golf club:
Since golfing will probably be his major sport, we should really get him a more reliable set!! :) We went to the cardiologist this week for our yearly check up. His numbers are getting worse, but they are creeping up (high is bad) slowly enough that we don't have to go back for another year...PRAISE THE LORD!!! Dr. B still thinks (and hopes) that we can make it to late elementary or junior high before surgery (open heart to replace valves). This mama is happy to put it off as long as possible!!
Here's proof to the people whom I tell that if you didn't know he had a heart problem, you would NEVER figure it out by watching him...the boy is fearless!! Instead of sliding down the slide it's WAY more fun to jump from the top...
Nice form...
Get those feet up...
And I totally DID NOT tell him to "do it again!!" as I was trying to get a good sequence of shots...NOPE, NOT ME!!!
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LOVE this shot...the hair really tells the story!
And now, to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Maddie. She's a 7 week old Maltipoo, and she is an absolute doll!!
Our german shepherd, Britney, passed away a few months ago, and Frank has really be wanting to get another dog. Being the loving, supportive wife that I am, I told him, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!!" I've been looking off and on for the past couple of months, then I found this little sweetie! Her breeder lives a little south of Brookhaven, so she met us on Thursday when we were down there for our appointment. Frank had NO IDEA, it was priceless!!
Even cute little girls get sleepy after eating a birhtday invitation...
Finally, I just wanted to share this blog. This sweet little girl is in heaven today...less than a month ago, her parents took her to the doctor for a simple ear infection. They never could have imagined that something so routine would lead to the discovery of stage 4 cancer. I cannot even imagine their pain right now, but I would encourage you to lift this family up in prayer. It makes me cherish the moments I have with my boys even more...I literally love them so much it hurts, and I can't imagine a day without them. But, I know that they are not mine, but the Lord's!!

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Tomekia Porter said...

She is cute!! Priceless of Caden jumping off the slide!