Monday, February 23, 2009

Graybaby turns one...

Yesterday was Grayson's 1st birthday, so we had family and friends over for dinner and cake. WHEN DID THIS BABY GET SO BIG????? He should still be 6 pounds! We were at the doctor today, and he's over 26 pounds (side note...Caden was 30 pounds at 1 year). He is such a sweet little boy, and he is most assuredly ALL BOY. He destroys anything he can reach! We often call him Captain Destructo.
Love this little man!!! Here are the cakes that I made for the party. I wanted everything to be blue and brown, so I decided to color the cake part blue. I think it turned out pretty cute!!
Now he gets a chance to dig in. Before you go any further, please feel free to think back to Caden's first birthday party. He WOULD NOT touch his cake at all!! My 2 boys could not be more different, and I love that about them!!
Hmmm...I think I like it!
This pic is's the utter joy of cake!!!
"YEA Grayson!!!"
Caden is still a MUCH neater eater!!
Love this one...
We needed an immediate sink bath!!
Caden made a great gift inspector!!!
Grayson loves gifts too!!


The Hanes said...

I noticed your hair is getting long. I haven't seen it that long in forever. Cute cake pictures!!!!

Tate Family said...

That cake is adorable, Em. Love the blue/brown combo. :) He seems like such a happy-go-lucky baby.

Hope I'm that lucky next time. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

cute pics... his enthusiasm for food reminds me of matthew! boys are something! so sorry to hear about Mimi! indeed, the party must go on for the great grandbabies!!! no other way! love you! --brandi