Friday, March 27, 2009

Lots of Randoms...

Good gracious I love these little boys!!! Now that we're potty training, Caden spends LOTS of time washing his hands. He also thinks that it is a requirement to brush his teeth after he goes to the potty. Now, considering I take him to the bathroom every 30 minutes, that boy must be up for toddler oral hygiene of the year or something!!
How do you like the way I busted the poor little guy's lip?? When I was getting him ready for bed, I accidentally knocked the tub of Aquaphor (which I HATE...great for eczema, but it leaves grease stains on everything it touches) off the shelf and onto his face. It also busted the lip from the inside. He cried for a while, but then thought it was all in good fun when he got a Popsicle out of the deal.

Play Doh has come a long way since I was a child. Actually, don't get me started on Play Doh when I was a child because I was denied the pleasure under false pretenses...I'm NOT bitter!! My children will now have LOTS of Play Doh experience. Check out this new cool little thing that picks up all of the left over little bits of doh off the table...NEATO!!

Ah, the sheer joy of the pizza wheel!! And check out the caddy that we got for Christmas. Granted, I just got it out of the closet last week. Just don't tell Caden that his birthday present is still hidden in the garage...thus meaning it will probably become his Christmas present next year...hey, times are hard, kid...move on!

My cute sweet blondy! My laid back child, disgruntled, but laid back. He's a funny little dude, and he's a walking machine now a days. With in the week, he has become able to successfully walk all the way across the room.

Now...this is what Frank's parent's got us for Christmas. Caden LOVES IT!! However, it begs the question: "Why do you hate me?!!" Just kidding...anything that brings a smile to that little guy's face makes me happy!

We think Caden needs to be on a new commercial for Apple. At age 3 he can unlock and iphone, scroll through 3 pages of apps to find the game that he wants to play. It is the ULTIMATE item to keep an antsy kiddo occupied in a crowded restaraunt. However, it makes me very wary of how expensive his toys are gonna be!

LOVE this pic!! LOVE those boys!!

Please go to Anthropologie and check out all of their awesome housewares. I'm addicted. In case you want/need to know, I'm now collecting unique measuring instruments and colorful nesting bowls. Now you can all sleep in peace since you know what to get me for my birthday...just under 4 shopping months left!
Please pray for us. We're getting ready to put our house on the market...hopefully by the end of the week. Pray that the house will sell quickly. Pray that we will all still love eachother when the whole process is over!! Folks in the area, don't worry, we're not leaving. We just have a great opportunity to buy my grandparents' house, but we need to sell ours first. PRAY!!!

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