Friday, July 31, 2009

Beach Baby...

Ahhh...this is nice!! After a very busy summer we were able to wrap it up with a trip to Orange Beach. Mom and Dad went with us, and Paul was actually there at the same time at the same Condo. I am a horrid mother because I didn't take any pictures at the actual beach!! But that really sums up our trip. We only actually went to the beach once. The boys loved the pool so much that we did that most of the time!
This little man LOVES the water. He would stay in all day and night if we would let him!!
The POOL!! Actually it was one of several pools, but this was where we lived for the week. You'll notice there are not many people there...Caden was ready to go out before most people are awake!!
I felt relaxed as soon as I walked in the door!! It was a lovely condo with all of the comforts of home. We only went out to eat once. We grilled out 2 nights and had Paul and his friends over each night for dinner. It was SO much fun!!! I really think Mom and I relax by entertaining others...sick, I know!
We went on a dolphin cruise, and our little marine biologist LOVED it. Caden could have cared less, but Grayson didn't want to miss a second of it. He kept pointing at the dolphins saying, "Look!!" It was super cute!! I felt bad for the boys having to wear the life was pretty warm!
Frank was able to get some pretty good pictures of the dolphins.

Happy Baby!! I swear Caden was there too...we just didn't get any pics of him on the boat!
This is what Caden was living for the whole week!! You'll notice that Frank is standing at the top of the slide, and my dad is at the bottom. If he did this once, he did it 10,000 times!! He absolutely LOVED it!!!!!
Grayson hung back with Mom and I most of the time. He's my sweet little love!!!!
Lunch time after the pool! All that sliding can make a kid sleepy and HUNGRY!
And thank goodness...Dora also goes to the beach!

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Thoght you had are precious but I would love to see them in person....Tellie