Friday, October 23, 2009

Precious Pumpkins...

WARNING: Tons of pics to follow! I'm not sure if Caden is tasting or kissing the pumpkin in this one...but it cracked me up. He's such a little goob! I love him!!
"Ok, Caden, put your arm around Grayson.":
"Stop touching me!"

Sweet Grabes!!!

What is this?? Are they both looking in the same general direction with pleasant looks on their faces??? AND no one is picking their nose??? Nevermind that someone is about to get beaten with a pumpkin. It's a cute one!

And Grayson is outta here!!! Love Caden's face in this one!

Sweet Boy...

Sweet blue eyes...and that DIMPLE!

Maddie is very in to feet!

Look how sweet...they are playing together...

Until Caden purposely falls off...

So he can watch his brother fall off...BOYS!!! :)

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