Friday, June 20, 2008

My first cereal...

Well, little Grayson is sneaking up on the 4 month mark. Although we haven't had the official 4 month doctor's visit, I decided that it was time to "go ahead" with rice cereal. I think one of the main reasons I went ahead with it was that I decided to break out the new high chair that has been in a box in my foyer since January. Well, that, and this kid was HUNGRY!!
**YOU BE THE JUDGE: We debate among family what color G's hair is. What do you think???

Here, mom, I'll help!! He thinks that he is very helpful with his hands, but they mainly just get him into trouble (a sign of things to come, I'm sure!).

His helpful hands covered his entire face with cereal!!

We LOVE the new highchair. It also converts to a booster.

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Tom, Meg, and Katie said...

His hair's like Katie's. It's dark one minute and light the next.