Thursday, January 18, 2007

We saw our Pediatric Cardiologist today...

Here is Ms. Shan and Caden waiting for the echo...she went with us because Frank had class.
We went down to Brookhaven today to see Dr. Braden who is our Ped. Card. He is absolutely the best. We are so blessed to have been put into contact with Dr. B, and I hope that one day we can be a blessing to him in some way. Anyway, good news! No changes since our last visit 3 months ago...WOO-HOO!! We also don't have to go back for 6 months...this is unheard of for us (we're used to going every month). We're pumped! For my medical friends out there, Caden's Aortic Stenosis is still very much in the mild category since his baloon dilitation in August (max stress gradient 22; mean sg 11) and his Aortic Regurgitation (leakage) is still classified as moderate. Dr. B said that the thing that we will be watching now is the leakage. So, the visit went very well. Caden did not like holding still for the 30 minuts of the echo, but he made it. Then, when we were getting ready to leave, I realized that I had locked the only set of keys in the van! So, if you ever get locked out of your vehicle in Brookhaven, let me know because I've got a great locksmith down there!

I'm going to take the camera if you don't stop with the pictures!
"No, I'm not looking for day old cheerios!"

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Jeff and Abbey Land said...

So glad you had good news. We'll keep Caden in our prayers. -Abbey