Sunday, March 2, 2008

Both of my babies back under one roof!!

We've had quite an interesting week (sorry no pics...I'll add some later!). I guess it all started on Monday when our huge mirror fell off the wall above the mantle. It knocked everything off the mantle in the process and many things were broken...including the tile in front of the fire place! Keep in mind this mirror has been hanging there for at 3 years! Oh well! Then on Tuesday, Frank came down with some kind of stomach bug and was running fever, so I packed up the boys and we headed to my parents' house to try and avoid getting fever. This was after my grandmother took Grayson and I back to the hospital for his 2 day check up and we were stopped as we were leaving because they thought we were stealing a baby! As we were finishing dinner that night, their electricity went out...seriously! It came back a couple of hours, and the night went on as usual. Wednesday, when Mom and I picked Caden up from school, he had a fever. It kept getting higher, so my parents took him to the after hours clinic that night. He still had a lingering ear infection, so I had Frank come and get Grayson and I so we wouldn't get that fever! Caden just couldn't seem to beat this fever...he's been to the UMC ER twice since Wednesday!! But after his final dose of IV antibiotics on Saturday, he got to come home! I missed him SO much! It was wonderful to have both of my boys at home today. Caden is doing really well with the baby. As I'm typing this entry, they are both sound asleep in their own beds. We are so so so very blessed...I cannot imagine a greater gift than these sweet boys!


Tom, Meg, and Katie said...

Wow...what a week!!!Hope things are a little less crazy this week!!

Anonymous said...

unbelievable!!! i am so glad you have your babies back together! i sure hope you can sneak in some UNEVENTFUL weeks while you are at home with them! love you all, brandi

Maggie said...

oh, em! hope things calm down soon.