Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yea!!! Bunny Pics!!!

Last Friday, I took the boys to have their pics taken with bunnies. Monique did a fabulous job!!! The mere fact that Caden is acutally IN any of these pictures should tell you that she is awesome...he wasn't really "in to" sitting still that day (imagine that!). Here are some of my faves:
This is my favorite of the 2 boys together...Sweet bunnies...Caden called them puppies.

Sweet baby Grayson...

Who's there???Looks like he's gonna stomp the poor bunny!

He didn't quite understand what he was to do with the carrot.

LOVE this one!!! Not sure why, but I think it's super cute.

Here bunny bunny!!

This is TOTALLY a Paul Fryant expression. Those of you who know him will agree.


Tate Family said...

Of course they're puppies, Mommy. Why would you think otherwise? ;)

Those are absolutely precious. I'm not surprised...Monique is awesome -- and your kiddos are totally cute.

(And, YES, that IS a Paul Fryant expression!)

Randy and Tomekia Porter said...

My sweet sweet nephews! How precious. Randy and I can't wait to come see Grayson...and Caden! We hope to come sometime this month. When do you go back to school? Anyhow thanks for the comment--great to know that my great family is praying for us!